Being Able to Send Huge Files to Others Can be Helpful in Many Situations

Whether for work or personal reasons, sending large files has become a lot more common than in the past. That sometimes leaves users wondering how best to send and share files that can be a gigabyte in size or larger. Services like the one online at regularly end up being useful to large, diverse audiences for a variety of reasons.

Many Reasons to Use a Specialized Large-File Sharing Service

Files of modest size can be shared and sent in a variety of easily accessible ways. Naturally enough, things tend to become more difficult the larger the relevant files grow.

Websites like jetdrop make it simple to send files of up to 10 gigabytes in size each. Some of the use cases where a service like jetdrop can be helpful involve files like:

Video. Many people now own televisions that display at so-called “4k” resolution. With this level of definition including roughly four times the detail of the well known “Full HD” specification, the average sizes for video files are growing rapidly. A 4k video that lasts only a few minutes can easily be many hundreds of megabytes in size or even larger. Stick to lossless video compression formats and the total will often be even larger.

Raw audio. Most audio files that are meant for listening to by consumers are heavily compressed. Professionals who work with audio earlier on in the production process, though, need to have access to the raw material. Pulse code modulated audio files that include many tracks can easily be gigabytes in size. It will often be necessary to preserve a file in this format right up until the point that all the required work has been done to it.
Graphics assets. Whether for those who work on video games or professional animators, the files turned out by modeling, texture creation, and scene setting programs can be enormous, as well. Even if the finished product might be much more compact, it will often be critical to keep such graphical assets to their original forms and sizes until a project has been completed.

Enabling Important Work, Satisfying Entertainment, and More

With there being many more types of files whose size can easily swell to gigabytes or more, having access to a service that allows for the sending of such digital deliveries is frequently valuable and helpful. Being able to send large files to others has become a common requirement for many types of work and even for everyday life for many.

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